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Our Sites Launched July 1st 1999

raverpornlogo was originally to be nothing more than a silly summer project in Madison, Wisconsin so that I (Scott aka Killshot) could learn a bit of photography and web design at the same time.  However, in searching about the Internet I discovered there was literally nothing out there that I found appealing.  Being heavily involved in the rave/club/electronic music scene at the time, it only seemed natural to create a site with the same theme.  I didn’t want the site to be just about nude photos, though.  I envisioned a community of people who not only enjoyed the naughty photos, but also talked about music, events, and other scene related things.  I recall telling someone about my idea and their response was; “Why would I want to talk to other people while jerking off?”  Despite some people thinking it was a crazy idea it only took 3 months of being online before Spin Magazine called and the site began to be featured in mainstream media.

Although relatively commonplace now, the concept of alternative nude models and subculture based community together was a new idea and was one of the early “Alt Porn” pioneers.

In 2001 I traded the great Midwest for Hawaii and in realizing that the site had grown far beyond what I could manage on my own Anti-Blank was brought on board to help manage site development, servers, and security. Launched February 2003 ( Name Change)


After feeling a substantial decline in the US rave scene, but little change in the popularity of electronic music, a name change for Raver Porn was considered.  Other factors contributed such as the mistake of buying a .net domain.  Also there was the problem of many visitors coming to the site feeling the word “porn” implied all hardcore content.  This was quite a surprise as I had no idea that people had such widely different views on what defined porn.  We have always supported all forms of sexual expression and feature a wide array of content from hardcore to very soft.  EroticBPM was chosen to be a name that opened itself to more subcultures while holding strongly to its electronic roots. Launched July 2004

With the RaverPorn / EroticBPM 5 year anniversary approaching and altporn sites of similar flavors popping up all over the place we felt that it was time to once again do something new and different.

A considerable amount of time and money was invested in the project and launched with great reception and success.  Social networks at the time were quite new at the time and spiceplay made use of little seen features at the time such as ajax, micropayments, virtual currency, tags (spices) rss feeds for everything, auctions, and innovative friending.  (working similar to following on twitter today).

Spiceplay decided not to go with the typical subscription model for adult sites and instead sold blocks of credits that users could spend in small amounts to access individual sets, bid on auctions, and even give to other people.  Credits spent on model sets had real cash value to models earning them revenue each and every time someone viewed their photos.

We really hoped that Spiceplay would be a huge success, but unfortunately Killshot Productions was caught up the iBill situation, where millions of dollars were stolen from adult web-masters worldwide.  With funds suddenly gone and no billing processors willing to work with such a controversial site, Spiceplay had to go offline in order to keep our resources focused on our core site, EroticBPM.  However, there *might* be plans to resurrect it in the nearish future.  Stay tuned. Launched December 2005


The purpose of Awful Porn is not only to have a good laugh at some truly terrible porn, but to also point out how much porn exists only to rip off customers.  We feel that these sites have damaged the business tremendously as users who get ripped off once will be unlikely to ever want to pay for access to porn again.  We feel that most review sites are too soft on most sites because they of course earn money on referral traffic so they have incentive not to give any good reviews.  We also feel that review sites tend not to “get” more creative and independent sites out there.  We place a much higher value on creativity and consistent updates of original content and interaction between the creators, models, and customers.  Our hope is that awful porn will save a few people from spending their money on rip off sites.



Other sites we are involved in. is a product of the band Wolfpac.  “DaddyLongLegs” has had a relationship with Killshot Productions since nearly the beginning.  Wolfpac contributed content to Raverporn and EroticBPM, and we have done much cross promotion together through the years.

After launching their Girls of Wolfpac site and two DVD’s we decided that Killshot Productions would be best to run their adult site.  It is currently going under an overhaul and the new site will launch soon

Undress Jess is our first attempt at working with a solo model site.  Of course when doing a solo site the key is working with the right girl, and Jess is perfect.   More info to come on this project.

Sites we are done with.

We were once part-owners of – This site is no longer online. is also no longer owned by us.

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