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Zencoder Is Awesome

The state of web video right now is pretty frustrating. Long ago, putting video on your site was a nightmare. If you chose one format you risked a certain percentage of your users being unable to view the video because they didnt have the right codec or software installed. Webmasters frequently had to encode video in multiple formats.

Then flash video came along and became widely adopted. You knew that 99.5% of your visitors were going to have no problems with flash and flash started to become pretty standard. Flash certainly had its own set of problems but we dealt with it.

Now with html5 quickly being adopted and pushed along by the popularity of the iPad, webmasters are suddenly pushed back into the multiple file encoding problem again. Only now with HD video you can expect to devote even more cpu time to dealing with the problem. Except you dont.

I recently discovered Zencoder. It’s not free, but the prices are very reasonable, their support is really incredible, and they don’t have a problem with adult content so long as you set your visibility to private.

Their API is very powerful and you can easily convert every video on your server to the multiple formats needed for html5 video plus a fallback to flash if needed.

I was a bit disappointed at one point that they did not have a feature I would have found useful. I went into support chat to express my displeasure and they had the feature tested and live on the site within 30 minutes. Very impressive considering at that point I had only given them $40

I’m not normally one to plug random products and services but knowing there are plenty of other webmasters out there experiencing this pain until a video standard is decided on. I felt I needed to get the word out!

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