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Lightspeed & Grooby are doing it wrong.

Last week Lightspeed & Grooby filed suit against hundreds of bittorrent users who allegedly downloaded their porns.

It really saddens me to see this happening for a myriad of reasons.

First, let’s look at how well this worked for the RIAA.  The RIAA  spent $58 million suing file sharers over the span of 3 years and got just over 2% back.  Has file sharing slowed down?  Not a bit.

Do you think that the threat of being sued will stop someone from downloading porn? And more importantly, do you think that the threat of being sued will make someone decide to pay instead?  Very unlikely, especially considering that free porn is not scarce.  The sheer volume of it provides plenty of alternatives for anyone short on money and scared to hit up pirate bay.

More importantly are privacy issues.

The three companies now join a handful of other adult companies that have pledged to stomp out piracy. Adult studios Titan Media, Corbin Fisher and Michael Lucas Productions each have recently filed suits targeting swarms of John Doe bit torrent users.

In all of the legal cases, the companies have asked for motions to discover the identities of the defendants through their Internet service providers.

The biggest reason that porn exploded onto the internet is because people could view whatever they wanted in the privacy of their own home.  No need to go to a local porn shop and hope no one sees you or feel awkward if the clerk looks at you funny when you place whatever kinky titles you chose on the counter.  By finding out identities of people they may be able to shakedown a lot of people by offering a settlement.  “We won’t tell the world with a lawsuit that you downloaded Truckstop Trannies 4 if you pay up $1000 now.”  But, that kind of behavior will only serve to make consumers dislike the industry even more.

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