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The economics of photoshopped cum.

There is a post over at detailing some recent controversy surrounding a newish alt site and their investor.

The gist of the situation is that the alt site got some investment from a more mainstream company which happens to own one of the many “ex girlfriend” type sites that have been popping up around the internet lately.  This somehow resulted in a model (or several) ending up on a site they had no idea they would be on, with cum photoshopped onto their faces.

Supposedly the whole thing was just a mistake which has been “cleared up.”  I would say this issue ties in very well with my post a while ago on the perception of ethics in alt porn.

But today I am talking more about economics than ethics.  Because, this is not an isolated incident.  This is a big trend right now and lots of sites are thriving through misrepresentation, theft, and photoshopped cum.

So why would a website need to photoshop cum onto someone’s face anyway?  If you look at the economics behind it, the motivation becomes clear.

Is there a shortage of models willing to do hardcore porn?  Not at all, there is likely even a surplus.  But there is a shortage of alternative models willing to take a cum shot for the $60 or so many alt sites pay for a nude photo set these days.  Times are tough and alt models work for cheap because most of them are not making a career out of it.  It is usually more about expression, creativity, and fun.  (For the record, Ebpm pays a more decent rate than most.)  Pictures of cute punk/goth/raver/scene girls marketed with the premise of being ex girlfriends/hacked/stolen are selling really well.  But they sell even better with a little cum on their face.  Where are they going to get that content from?  Burning Angel isn’t going to sell it to them.  And *most* alt models just wouldn’t be interested in working for these sites.

Larger mainstream adult companies have had little success cracking the alt porn market because they have difficulty creating something authentic and maintaining the social aspect that is so common in alt sites but rare in the mainstream.  Their normal formula of just producing & buying what sells best and building their affiliate network has not worked quite as well.  With the ex girlfriend / hacked photos style sites, they are finally able to use and market content typically associated with alt sites without having to create an actual alt site or suffer any of the consequences that would be had if an actual alt webmaster tried to pull any of this off.

Misrepresentation, photoshop, and theft are the best tools for these companies to get what they want and the profit potential far outweighs the random DMCA takedown notice.

I will save accusations of specific companies for another post.  In the meantime, I feel sorry for all the models and webmasters who have had their content stolen and/or defaced.  I hope eventually these people are put back in their place.


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